Regarding Online Payments

What is a web store?
The Burleson ISD Web Store is a hosted online payment center. District departments and campuses may place payment items in this web store to provide a convenient way for parents to pay. The initial use is limited, but may expand if parents like the service.

How do I make a payment or purchase an item?
Select the appropriate department or campus in the top left hand menu. Each group will have items to pay or items to purchase. Choose your payment item. Instructions on the page will tell you what information we need or give you available choices. Select Buy Now, and then select Go to Checkout. If this is your first purchase in the Burleson ISD web store, enter the email address where you want the receipt sent and click Sign in. If you are a returning customer, enter the password you established on your first visit and click Sign in.

Is the web store secure?
The web store is hosted by RevTrak, Inc a leader in the credit card payment processing industry for K-12 School Districts and City Governments. The company employs the most current security techniques to keep your payment information secure.

What is the Student ID number?
Some payments items may ask for your student’s ID number. Burleson ISD assigns a unique number to each student when they first become a student in the district. This number stays with the student through all grades and serves to confirm the correct student. The ID number provides verified identification for your student to be sure the payment is applied correctly.

How do I get my student's Student ID number?
Please ask your student! Teachers work with the young students to learn their number. Students may also ask their teacher or the campus office staff. The student ID number also shows on report cards and class schedules.

How will I know the payment was accepted?
As you complete the checkout process, a receipt will show on screen. Also, during checkout, you are required to provide an email address. When the charge is authorized, a confirmation email is sent immediately to the address you provide. And you may always review authorized payments on the My Account page under the Services menu in the left navigation bar. Approved payments appear instantaneously in the listing.

My credit card was not accepted.
We accept Discover, MasterCard or VISA (debit, credit or check card). If your payment is not accepted there will be a red message on screen to give the reason provided by the card processing service. Review the information you entered for the card number, card type and expiration date. If you do not understand the message, call the number on the back of your card. Your card company should be able to see the denial and explain why it was not accepted.

Special note to Debit Card users:
Many banks “reserve” the amount you attempt to charge each time you make an attempt, even if the debit card is declined. While the money will not be withdrawn from your account, a reserve will prevent you from making other withdrawals for several days and MAY create an overdraft.

Do I need to establish an account?
You do NOT need an account prior to using the web store. When you reach the checkout screen, enter as a New Customer. For your next payment in the web store, enter your email and password as a Returning Customer and your contact information will be pre-filled for you. If you forget your password, simply click on PASSWORD REMINDER.

How do I pay for multiple students?
You may make multiple payments with the same checkout, but we normally need you make separate pages for each student. At the shopping cart page, you have the option to Continue Shopping. Select this option to add a payment for another student or another item.

Why do I have to enter my credit card information each time?
For security reasons the web store does not retain your credit card type, number, or expiration date. You must enter this information each time you use the system. But this also gives you the opportunity to use a different card under the same login.

Who do I contact if I have a question about a payment?
The BISD web store also has a convenient Contact Us form (see the left navigation bar) for after-hours questions about using the web store. Questions submitted through this feature are forwarded to the appropriate department. (Please mention the campus, department or payment item.) Or contact the appropriate department during business hours.